Salon QP – Luxury Watch Event at the Saatchi Gallery

On the evening of the 13th November, I was lucky enough to get invited by Ralph Lauren to attend the Salon QP Luxury Watch exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. I went along with founder of Fresh Prince of Belgravia Jamie Mills.

Champagne in hand, we headed straight to the SevenFriday room as soon as we arrived. SevenFriday founded in 2012 have recently taken the luxury watch world by storm, mainly because their watches are accessibly priced and have an innovative design, so it is no surprise that this room was packed. As Jamie is a huge fan of the brand (read his review here) it was great to see some of their pieces up closely.

We spent most of the evening in a dark room with three curtained areas containing different styles of watches. The first room featured top watch manufacturers such as Mont Blanc, Seiko and Audemars Piguet.

The next room was filled with beautiful vintage watches, luckily Jamie had enough knowledge for the both of us about many of the watches we saw – briefing me on the history and significance of each one.

We then took a look at The Lotus room in which two of their newest (most stunning) supercars were showcased- the Evora 400 and Exige S Club Racer.

All in all the exhibition was great. Learning about the designs, history and materials of the luxury watches displayed was incredibly interesting and of course who does not love a champagne fuelled evening?

To buy any of the watches exhibited at Salon QP visit: