Statues and Paint – Fashion Shoot

A couple of months ago I was fortunate enough to get involved with an exciting fashion film. I modelled for Central St Martin’s Graduate designer Paula Talja and her collection Statues and Paint. Alex Mason (Silver Tongue Productions) directed the shoot.

Statues and Paint was inspired by Jean Cocteau’s film Blood of a Poet (1930) from which Cocteau’s portrayal of an artist struggling with his creativity and the awakening of a female statue were the inspiration behind the concept of the collection.

Alex’s vision for the hair was tough, urban warrior woman. This used a variety of back combing and mohawk styles to show power. Tom Smith Colour Director from the Billi Currie salon, Chiltern Street, had great fun adapting this look on us.

The makeup style was inspired by the film Black Swan (2010) and as a result was kept dark and sensual, reflecting the dark shades for the clothes and complimenting the hair. These were two unusual but wonderful looks – involving a lot of black eye shadow and eyeliner.

The pieces themselves were stiff and heavy and aimed to make us move and feel like a statue. Different textured cottons were fused and bonded together to achieve this feel. 

The idea that we were trying to break out of our “statues” aimed to represent life’s constraints. In order to bring out a sense of newfound freedom, we were given mesh wire, leather rope and balloons to play with.

This bespoke shoot was one of the most fun that I’ve been on, with a great team of people. 

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