All the King's Men - 'Battlefield' Behind the Scenes

'All the King's Men' are one of London's leading collegiate a cappella groups and have spent the last few years building their brand and their look. Now, after a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe and a successful tour of the USA, the trademark blue trousers return for their second music video in the trilogy: Battlefield, led by the hugely competent and talented artistic director George Fowler. 

George and Co have teamed up with Ali Webb from Webb Street Studios to produce a trilogy of music videos called 'Leave the Light On' - following three stages of a relationship. We were invited to George's flat to watch their filming process on day one of the second shoot, and put together the short film (above).

Check out their brilliant first film, nominated for a CARA award: 

We look forward to seeing the third in the trilogy. In the meantime, check out All the King's Men at @atkmofficial