Restaurant Ours - Lavish Dining in South Kensington

Last night’s dinner was a special one. I was invited by a friend over to the new opening in South Kensington, ‘Restaurant Ours’ from michelin starred chef, Tom Sellers. The food on offer sounded delicious, tasted divine and looked even better, good job I had my camera with me. 

The interior of the restaurant really went overboard on the inside/outside vibe popular with many chic restaurants, and was filled with plants, trees and shrubs in every corner. The dining room surrounded three enormous living trees entwined in fairy lights, the largest in the centre of the bar at the centre of the room. On the mezzanine floor was a small bar, and at the far end of the room was an open kitchen.

We started the evening as usual with cocktails - I went for two different choices, a ‘Mandarin Bellini’ (mandarin puree with mandarin liqueur and Prosecco) and a ‘Wild Clover’ - an incredible mix of rhubarb and ginger over a gin base. Both set the evening off in a good tone. 

For the starters, I was first greeted by an incredible Burrata. Cold and runny on the inside and soft and cheesy on the outside, a novel experience - I am now a convert to this new form of deliciousness. Then came four unrevealing fried balls of cheese - a form of Croquetas made with ‘Ibérico’ ham.

I then moved onto the Lamb Samosas, helpfully located on the self-described ‘snack’ menu. As advertised it was a perfect dish for a light snack and, as expected tasted amazing - especially with the mint sauce. 

My friend was busily tucking into his four starters - crab, razor clams, oysters and caviar - all of which looked amazing and according to my friend tasted even better. I’ll have to believe him. I was just impressed with the serving of avocado in such an amazing shape.

Next, with a glass of wine, came the mains. I decided to order a steak for a change -a fillet. Steaks are incredibly hard to get wrong, but equally hard to get perfect. This was perfect. Juicy and tender and as melt-in-the-mouth as a steak can be. You can never have steak without chips, so as with the rest of the menu, we couldn't expect ordinary chips, no - these were ‘Our Chips’ with Pecorino cheese and Fois Gras. Possibly some of the best tasting chips I have ever eaten.

Another glass of wine later, we moved tables and began on desserts. I was already pretty full, but I managed to squeeze in a small something, on sole recommendation of our waitress. It came and did not disappoint. It turned out to be a selection of ice cream and whipped creams in various flavours. All suitably palatable and easy to eat. 


Meanwhile, my friend professed that his pudding was ‘world-class’ and possibly the best combination of flavours he’d ever had. I insisted I have a spoonful and indeed, smoked black tea and chocolate is a surprisingly good combo. 

Overall, Restaurant Ours provided a selection of lavish, eye-popping and overall beautiful dishes with perfectly chosen wines and cocktails to accompany. It was a fantastic night out, and would certainly recommend.