I love to seek out the latest fashion trends and, as a lover of sophisticated and stylish clothing, I was thrilled to come across luxury fashion brand KAYOMO LAB. Inspired by the Japanese kimono design, KAYOMO LAB have recently showcased a collection of long sleeved and sleeveless jackets at London and Paris Fashion Weeks, called Project 001.


Driven by a passion for craft and individuality, these jackets are manufactured from vintage fabrics sourced from esteemed Italian fashion houses, including Missoni, Valentino and Pucci- maintaining the ethos of making something classic new again. Designer Zyad Khoury has embraced the expression, “If you want to dress well, do as the Italians do.” The uniquely Italian understanding and appreciation of artisanal production has become integral to the brand’s identity. What I find great about Project 001 is that even though the garments are produced in a factory by machine, a team of tailors hand finish each piece to ensure a high standard of craftsmanship. Once the run of vintage fabric is finished, that jacket cannot be made again-I love this as each garment is completely bespoke.

I asked myself who I saw wearing these stunning jackets. I found that the foundation of the garment is versatility, and KAYOMO LAB has identified a customer who is either male or female; an ageless individual fitting into the modern mantra of work/life integration. It is reliable and traditional in its manufacturing, but has a fresh take on the everyday professional ensemble.

To this brand, the art form of Italian tailoring and craft remains a fundamental part of fine fashion, successfully fusing the creative and the pragmatic. I look forward to selecting my very own jacket, and sporting it seamlessly from day to night.