Merola Jewellery Showcase

On Thursday we headed to Merola Jewellery in Chelsea to take a look at their fabulous showcase of their stunning vintage and contemporary pieces.

The lovely Maria Merola (Merola’s Founder) personally presented the jewellery to us and gave us a background on some of her most prized pieces, as delicious Laduree macaroons and ice cold champagne (my weakness) were handed around. From pearls sourced from Japan, to bracelets made from codfish scales, Merola showed off a variety of her unusual pieces.

Maria Merola at her Chelsea showcase

Maria Merola at her Chelsea showcase

One particular piece that I adored was a vintage Miriam Haskell pearl necklace - a piece that oozed both history and elegance. Miriam Haskell was an American costume jewellery designer in the 1920s, creating collections for the society women of her day. From the extravagant creations of Flo Ziegfeld to the couture of Coco Chanel, everything began with Haskell. Friends with Chanel, they would both travel to Paris to source their jewellery from one of history’s most famous suppliers, Madame Gripoix.

Maria Merola cites Haskell as one of her favourite designers, and one from whom she derives significant inspiration. Merola stocks a handful of Miriam Haskell vintage pieces that she restores to an impeccable condition.

Other jewellery included luxury chokers made of leather, snakeskin and silver. Chokers are still a little personal obsession of mine at the moment, so I particularly enjoyed looking at these.

More photos of the stunning Merola jewellery below: