Kim Woodward's New Menu at 100 Wardour Street

After hearing that Executive Chef Kim Woodward had joined 100 Wardour Street, we had to check out the food. With 19 years’ experience, Kim Woodward had previously worked with Gordon Ramsay, the Savoy Grill and luxury restaurant Skylon. 


Split across two floors, the stylish venue is known for its great food and its fun live music nights, making the venue one of my favourite restaurants in London.  As we walked in we were greeted by very friendly, attentive staff. We were seated in the lounge area upstairs at the back of the venue. The lounge had a very laid-back vibe- friends catching up, after work meetings and a couple of larger dinner parties.


The cocktail menu at 100 Wardour is full of many different drinks- rum, whiskey, spirits, virgin cocktails, wines and more. With so much choice, I asked our waiter what he recommended, he suggested we try an off-the-menu fruity cocktail, the Clover Club, this is Gin based with raspberry syrup, egg white and lemon juice. This was a fresh and fruity combination, a great choice for a pre-dinner cocktail.


The menu brought into 100 Wardour by Kim, was full of fresh dishes, including vegan and gluten-free options. I opted for the Salmon Poke, this came with avocado, edamame, nori, tomato, sesame, and Asian slaw. This was light and delicious starter that didn’t feel too calorific. 


For mains, I opted for the fish dish - Roast grey mullet (a fish similar to sea bass). This came with tomato, caper and green olive relish. The mullet was a white fish, so quite meaty. I ordered Cajun sweet potato fries, which were sweet and crunchy and a side of green beans with cashew nuts, these were salty but went well with the dish. A mouth-watering dish for those looking for a healthier option. We also had a glass of white wine to complement the meal. 


I opted for the Chocolate lava cake with coconut ice cream, topped with toasted pecan nuts, cranberries and cocoa nibs for dessert. This was a deliciously rich dessert- a harder chocolate outer shell and soft gooey chocolate inside. The ice cream complimented the warm lava cake. This tasted amazing. 


After dinner, we headed downstairs to experience 100 Wardour street’s live music. The atmosphere downstairs was very chilled, people were eating dinner and having drinks. The live band, The Fellas were playing a set list of covers that included everything from the classics such as Marvin Gaye and Prince to modern day Usher and Pharrell Williams. By the end of their session, everyone was dancing! 


Downstairs, there was an August Special cocktail menu to celebrate “Black Tot Day” (the day on which the Royal Navy discontinued its daily rum ration known as the daily tot). I chose ‘Pusser’s Pain Killer’ from this menu. This cocktail had Pusser’s rum, lime, pineapple, orange, coconut and nutmeg. This was quite strong but sweet and refreshing. I had to try the Edward Vernon Grog form the special menu too. This had Pusser’s blue label rum and Grog Mix and was very strong! 


I would highly recommend experience 100 Wardours new menu and live music night- it’s fun, chilled and the perfect way to spend a Friday night! 

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