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Luxury stay at Hyatt Regency LAX

We recently travelled from London to Los Angeles for the most exciting time of the year, awards season! Whilst out there we stayed at The Hyatt Regency LAX, located next to Los Angeles International airport. The hotel is known to most as an airport hotel, we, however, had the most ‘unairport’ airport hotel experience.

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Boisdale 'Woman of the Year' Dinner 2017

It was an honour to be invited to this year’s Boisdale Woman of the Year Dinner - hosted by the infamous owner of The Boisdale, Ranald Macdonald (who, according to Tatler, is London's most politically incorrect restaurateur). It is known as a traditionally light-hearted and joyous occasion - Boisdale’s previous awards have included Cigar Smoker of the Year, awarded to Charlie Sheen...

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